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Beautiful Brown Meg Tooth 4"

Beautiful Brown Meg Tooth 4"

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INDONESIAN Megalodon Tooth

Meg teeth are typically broken down into 6 points of consideration: SIZE, COLOR, ROOT, ENAMEL, BOURLETTE, and SERRATIONS.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of these points for your consideration:

1) SIZE: 4.0”

2) COLOR: Beautiful Brown and Caramel

3) ROOT: Slight curve, brown, natural

4) ENAMEL: Beautiful Brown, slight peel on the back 

5) BOURLETTE: Stunning dark brown, slight flaking, overall great shape

6) SERRATIONS: Crisp and Detailed

Overall, this is a very good quality Indonesian meg tooth that will make a nice addition to any collection. Pair with our Turritella and Dogtooth Calcite for a gorgeous display!

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