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Red Stone Fossils

Great Megalodon Tooth

Great Megalodon Tooth

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INDONESIAN Megalodon Tooth with some restoration. 


Megalodon teeth, in general, are one of the most sought after fossils in the world.

While many meg teeth are found in U.S. and the quality is good, they often lack in crisp detail and color varieties.

Indonesian teeth stand apart in detail and color, making them some of the most valuable and sought after teeth in the trade.

One difference with Indonesian megs, in general, is that they were buried in less dense, more grainy sediment layers and due to this fact are often damaged during the mining process.

Due to the difficulty of extraction and the exceptional quality, it’s not uncommon to see larger, 100% natural Indonesian megs sell for thousands of dollars.

However, the vast majority of Indonesian meg teeth require some kind of repair or restoration to make them display ready..

Meg teeth are typically broken down into 6 points of consideration: SIZE, COLOR, ROOT, ENAMEL, BOURLETTE, and SERRATIONS.

Below, you’ll find a breakdown of these points for your consideration:

1) SIZE: 5.0”

2) COLOR: Grey

3) ROOT: Slight curve, restored

4) ENAMEL: Stunning Grey, slight peeling 

5) BOURLETTE: Partial, dark brown

6) SERRATIONS: Crisp and Detailed

Overall, this is a very good quality Indonesian meg tooth that will make a nice addition to any collection. Pair with our Turritella and Dogtooth Calcite for a gorgeous display!

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