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Red Stone Fossils

Enticing Split Septarian Nodule Pair

Enticing Split Septarian Nodule Pair

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Split Polished Septarian Nodules make a very interesting display piece! Display them side by side for a great conversation starter! Pair with our Grape Agate, Ammonite, or even our Calcite for a gorgeous display!

Each rock has its own unique appearance. This one is a reddish-brown, some black patches and has white "veins" twisted throughout.

Septarian nodules are classified as a rock made up of different minerals. The white is calcite, brown is aragonite and the outer shell is limestone.

Stands will be included with purchase.

*Please note that some pictures have been zoomed in to show every detail and color. Please see the measurement and weight pictures of this specimen for accurate sizing. We take every precaution while packaging to make sure your product arrives as pictured. That being said, slight variations in coloring may occur due to lighting and screen quality. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.*

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